Report, analyze and save

Track your travel expenses and find new ways to save costs with our business travel reports and expert advice from our customer success managers.

Finding new savings was never so easy

Our travel reports help you visualize your expenditure and bookings. Business travel metrics lets you analyze and find new saving opportunities in no time. Wouldn’t that feel good?

Tweak and optimize to make the most of your budget

With our extensive reports, you’ll have the intelligence you need to stay in budget. Powerful metrics such as spend per category, top travel suppliers and missed savings help you make confident decisions to get the most out of your business travel spend. Tweak your travel guidelines for flight class options, spot new opportunities for hotel contracts, or steer travelers to your preferred travel suppliers: your options are endless.

Need help?
Advice and support are always included

Need some expert advice on how to manage business travel best? We’ve got you covered with our customer success managers. It’s right in the name: they’re there to help drive your success.

Make business travel green

With our included CO2 travel reports you’ll see how much impact your company’s business trips have on our environment. Use the data to steer travelers to make ‘greener’ choices for their trips or compensate flight emissions, and take care of the planet for us and future generations.

Report, analyze
and save costs