Keep travelers safe and sound

Fulfill your duty of care and prevent unexpected costs with 24/7 support, travel app features, automated pre-trip approval and our interactive platform for traveler care.

Ensure the safety of your travelers

Get support and take action at every stage of the business trip to keep your travelers safe: from pre-trip approvals, to in-app risk alerts while they’re on the road and 24/7 support should something happen. Our interactive traveler care platform has you covered.


Pre-trip approval

With our built-in trip approval process, you’ll know in advance, and approve or decline travel to high-risk countries.


In-app risk alerts

With risk alerts in our travel app, we keep travelers informed of what’s happening. With the I’m safe button in the app they can let you and us know they’re unharmed.


24/7 support

With 24/7 emergency service, we provide direct assistance to get your travelers back on track to their destination, family or friends at home.

Locate travelers in need and take action

Keep full control over your traveler’s safety with our interactive traveler care platform. Run traveler safety reports or use the interactive map to locate your travelers in need. The built-in email and text features let you reach out to them to take further action.

Are you prepared for business travel risks?


Traveler care is top of mind because of the COVID-19 coronavirus. But other business travel risks haven’t disappeared. Download our 2020 Travel risk survival kit to:
  • Get guidance on how what’s ahead
  • Learn how to mitigate risks and manage through crises
  • Find out how to keep travelers safe and informed

Keep travelers
safe and sound