Travel the world, sustainably

Make responsible business travel choices with features like CO2 emission displays for flights in our self-service platform and CO2 reports.

Make responsible travel choices

With sustainability at the core of everything we do at BCD Travel Direct, we take the impact of business travel on our planet seriously. To help our clients make more responsible choices for their business trips, we’ve added CO2 emission displays to our self-service platform, and included CO2 travel reports in all of our packages.

CO2 flight displays

We help you make ‘green’ choices for your business trips with built-in CO2 emission displays on each flight option.

CO2 travel reports

To know what your company’s total carbon footprint is, simply run the CO2 travel report on our platform. We’ll let you decide if or when you’d like to compensate for your company’s emissions, but we trust you’ll make the right choice.

We care about our people, clients and the future. Being a sustainable partner is central.

Kathy Jackson

Vice President, Executive Chair Sustainability
BCD Travel

We're EcoVadis Platinum rated

EvoVadis, the world’s leading platform for corporate social responsibility audits, has rated us with the highest-possible rating for five consecutive years: Platinum (previously Gold).

Travel the world, sustainably